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Kid & Computers Don’t Mix January 29, 2012

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I know, it doesn’t seem that long ago that I posted on this very subject from my phone but here we go again …

Our brand new, month old, MacBook fell victim to a full glass of water knocked over by my overexcited toddler

“good thing we bought the extended warranty” we thought – until Reny went to the Apple store where they informed us that the warranty does not cover water damage

Since November we have had one expensive item after another break or need replaced (computer, washer & dryer, camera to name a few) and had to spend money on our home in Memphis removing trees before the Spring tornado season – all while needing to put some love into the home we are living in! I’m beginning to wonder if all those smashed side mirrors of my early 20’s are collecting on their “7 years of bad luck” promises.

So for now, until we can figure out how to fix this computer without shelling out (what’s left) of our life’s saving or selling our firstborn (though temping as it may seem during these Terrible Twos), I’m signing off of GastroMami



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