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NYC Wrap-Up November 27, 2011

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I didn’t blog every day this month

I did post 25 days in a row which, I believe, is more than I posted in the first 6 months of Fiona’s life!

My participation in National Blog Posting Month did help me get back on the writing-wagon so I will, I am promising myself!, be back more often!

Tonight, I am exhausted!

New York City is fabulous but after parades & eating & drinking & biking & the circus & playgrounds & the park & Chinatown & Little Italy & Vietnamese lunches & pie & euchre & wine & stroller napping I am one tired mama

Here are some highlights of the trip!





Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade



Dinner and post-dinner (pre-pie) walk in Central Park



The Big Apple Circus


Nursing and playing in Central Park


Sunrise … Sunset



Goofing around in Soho

Night y’all


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