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Review: Hot Diggity November 19, 2011

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I really want to be napping right now

Both of the kiddos were up all. night. long.

If it wasn’t Ren crying and asking for cuddles, it was Fiona – wide awake and refusing to sleep

I don’t know about you but when I don’t sleep I’m a sucky person the next day – and a super sucky mom

In an effort to turn this day around I headed to the gym with both kids this morning (let someone else deal with them fora bit!) and, on our way to grab a few things from Whole Foods (where I planned on grabbing a quick lunch), I saw a restaurant called “Hot Diggity”

Now, I walk up and down South St. a few times a week so I don’t know how I had missed a hotdog shop (it has been open for 5 months!) but I promise you I will be back!

The restaurant has 3 large community tables by a large front window and a small counter against one wall if you chose to stand up and eat your dog.  Ren and I ordered:  he opted for a plain dog with mustard (Sir Mustard Face) & ketchup and I got The Saigon Fusion;  I we also couldn’t resist an order of their freshly cut fries and Ren chose curry mayo for dipping (out of 13 different dipping sauces!)  We placed our orders with a friendly staff at the counter & sat down – the hotdogs and fries were brought to our table a few minutes after ordering.


Look how happy he is!!


Freshly cut & fried fries with The Saigon Fusion

House pickled cucumber, cilantro, red onion, carrots, jalapeno, Thai chili vinaigrette & hot sriracha

Now, I am partial to Smith hotdogs (they are the best!) but while the actual hotdog itself was just ok, Hot Diggity put on a mighty fine show with ample toppings!  The pickled cucumbers and cilantro were on the bottom and complimented the heat of the sliced jalapeno and spicy sauces perfectly!  The carrots & red onion added a much-needed crunch and the rolls were nice and soft but substantial.

The fries were served in a paper cone and the small was more than enough for the two of us!  I am a fry lover and these were awesome!  The curry mayo went perfectly with my dog & Ren was a fan as well, though he did ask for more mustard (of course).

It was a pretty perfect lunch for a cold but sunny Saturday & just might have been the break we needed to turn the day around!

The food:  yummy & perfect for kids with ample choices for the more adventurous eaters

Other hotdog choices include creations such as “The Philly Surf & Turf,” “The Big Kahuna,” “The Seattle Grunge,” and “The Bronx Bomber.”  I’ll let your imagination go to work before you get there to try one yourself!  I personally am ready to go back and try “The Windy City”

Drinks:  there was a soda fountain & they also serve craft sodas.  While I didn’t see any choices other than soda, I don’t know what else you would want with a hotdog other than beer – which you can bring yourself since it is a B.Y.O.B.

The restrooms:  clean but no changing table

Price:  For 2 hotdogs & a small fry our total was $11.59

Hot Diggity

630 South Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147


Mon-Thurs:  11am-10pm

Fri-Sat:  11am-11pm

Sun:  11am-9pm

Delivery available from


One Response to “Review: Hot Diggity”

  1. This place looks awesome – My bro goes to school at Drexel next visit to Philly def gonna hit this up for lunch : )

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