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Bad Mom Confessions & Small Style: Beach Edition November 17, 2011

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We left sunny & hot Miami this morning and arrived in Philadelphia in the cold, gray rain this afternoon

Ren feel asleep in the car around 1, woke at 4, talked to me for 10 minutes and then said, “Reny more nap,” and fell asleep for 25 more minutes

It was a fun trip

And I was a “bad mom” …

On Saturday Ren went to bed at 11:30 pm after salsa dancing all night long – and was up at 6:15 am & I didn’t care

For the past 5 days he lived on juice, pastries, pork, rice & beans, gingerale, fried plantains & ice cream

For breakfast today we fed him 2 croquettes & 1 1/2 pastelitos de guayaba y queso

I was so lazy that all I gave Fiona to eat was Cuban bread & a few carrots on Saturday

While changing Fiona’s diaper this morning I thought, “wow, you must’ve eaten a ton of almonds,” before realizing that my 7 month old doesn’t actually eat nuts and she was simply emptying half of Key Biscayne’s beach from her system

One plus of the beach trip was that it was the motivation I needed to finally wash Ren’s carseat cover – and I almost puked when I realized just how dirty I let it get – sorry buddy!

… so yea, I was a bad mom,  i.e.  It was a great trip!


On Fiona:

Hat:  gifted

Swimsuit (with built in swim diaper):  iplay via Mamabargains


On Ren:

My First Fishing hat:  Bass Pro Shop, gifted

Rashguard:  Target

Swimsuit:  Hartstrings

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2 Responses to “Bad Mom Confessions & Small Style: Beach Edition”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Sounds very familiar! Good times indeed. Cute kiddos.

  2. ingrid Says:

    What gorgeous little beach babes.

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