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I’m on a boat November 14, 2011

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Ren with his cousin Brennan & friend Frankie

Fiona decked out in her pink resort wear

It may having been snowing last week in Philadelphia but yesterday we enjoyed the most beautiful afternoon on a friend’s boat.  My husband, Reny, has the best group of friends here in Miami and “the boys” (which, freakily enough, are simply a Cuban version of Prep boys) headed out fishing early Sunday morning – I think all they caught, however, was a buzz.  We joined them after naps and headed down to Boca Chica Key.

Oh – and saw dolphins!  Lots of dolphins!



Father & Son … Cousins … Nursing with a beer (’cause I’m classy like that)



One Response to “I’m on a boat”

  1. Tim Bower Rodriguez Says:

    Love these pics! Thanks so much for sharing them.

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