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6 months: My Kids Are Different November 7, 2011

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It is only 10:21 pm so it still counts!

One of the really great things about posting every day is that it is forcing me to finish half-written posts that have been sitting on my “dashboard,” this “Kids are Different” post was begun on October 1st – I’ve been busy!

Today I took my kids to the doctor – finally.

If I take them too soon, nothing is wrong and I feel like an alarmist.

If I wait 6 days, Ren has a sinus infection and I feel like crap because I know how awful those are!

I’m just glad that he has some antibiotics, some probiotics & we are on our way to being recovered for flying to Miami on Friday!

Tonight I went to the laundromat (washer is here, dryer won’t be delivered until Thursday).

I was way, way behind on laundry since it took an entire day to dry one load so I decided to take my book & get it all done in one shot so I could be packed by Thursday.  The roach-infested laundromat I decided to go to (because it had a parking lot) was not the relaxation I had in mind but I put on Pandora and threw myself a little dance party – I’m sure the rest of the clientele (mostly Mexican) thought “crazy white girl,” which, ironically enough, is what I think Reny’s family did, and may still, think of me!  (Which is fine;  I embrace, and carefully cultivated, my “crazy white girl” identity)

Today I also took an early morning run with two of the cutest sick kids I have ever seen:

And now on to my post …

As Fiona hit her 6 month birthday (which, being the “bad mom” that I am, I totally forgot about until the next day) I decided it was time to sit down and talk about a few things that have happened/I have realized/experience since the birth of #2.  This first one is this:

My Kids Are Different

(as Ren would say, “SHOCKER!”)

I don’t know why this surprises me but I honestly am surprised each and every time Fiona doesn’t follow in Ren’s mold.

One really positive outcome of this realization is that I relate to other parents so much better by realizing that, “duh, their kid may not be like mine!”

Like I said, “shocker!”

But honestly, people talk about “mommy wars” and it can get a little ridiculous with “do this,”  “do that,” “baby-led weaning,” “purees,” “co-sleeping, bed-sharing, sleep sacks, separate rooms,”  yada yada yada yada

We all just need to step back and realize that EVERY BABY AND EVERY MOMMY AND EVERY FAMILY IS DIFFERENT!


But, that said, it took me until baby #2 to realize that.

Ways my own kids are Different:

Fiona has a booty

Reny’s pants fall off every 5 steps

Fiona will fall asleep, alone, in her bed

Reny still needs to cuddle to sleep

Fiona is huge & in clothes earlier than the labeled size

Reny saves us a ton of money since he still wears his 18-24 month pants from last winter

Fiona is totally a little Latina

Ren looks like he belongs in “The Sound of Music”

Fiona wakes twice to eat at night

Ren, well the kid would eat all night if I let him

Fiona nurses and then behaves like she has a normal digestive system

Ren nursed, spit-up for an hour, rested his system for 30 minutes (& repeat)

Fiona is now (almost 7!) 6 months and is not crawling nor does she have any teeth

Ren was crawling (mowgli-style) and had both bottom teeth by 6 months

Ways they are Alike:

Suckers:  binkis, thumbs, my finger, their arm, toys, “leche”

These kids love to suck




Fiona hates the carseat just as much as Ren did as a baby


Totally and ridiculously loved by their Mama & Dada


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