Learning to cook … one kid at a time

My kids are sick but … November 4, 2011

Filed under: Parenting,Things that make me smile — gastromami @ 7:28 am

… do you know what I love about right now?

No pressure to go, do, be anywhere
We can lay in bed all morning reading books and it’s ok
Gingerale instead of milk
Ren doesn’t beg for “my favorite:  peanut butter and jelly & applesauce” from 9:30 until lunch
the clean clothes, waiting on the couch to be folded, make a great pillow
popsicles to soothe a sore throat
the way my toddler wants to cuddle
sneaking tylenol in my bra so Ren doesn’t see it going in his gingerale
long naps and early bedtimes
soup – I freaking love soup
& more cuddles


One Response to “My kids are sick but …”

  1. SuperDaddio Says:

    I’ll give you a slight approval of your spin on having sick kids. 🙂 Despite the lessoning of responsibilities we still want to avoid it at all costs, no? What are you doing to prevent more sickness?

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