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Small Style: The Washer November 3, 2011

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Did you hear about the family with the washer in their living room?

Who, me, Mama?

I’m not playing with this washer, no way Jose!


My beautiful washer & dryer that I’ve made Reny drag across the United States, out of the house, into the apartment, out of the apartment & into the house (as a cloth-diapering mama I need a good washer!)

just didn’t fit down the stairs with the 24″ clearance

And so they sat, and sat, and sat in the living room, where my musically-inclined toddler thought they were giant drums!, until I sold them on Craiglist to a well-deserving young couple, 4 months pregnant, that was so excited to have their very own washer & dryer before the baby arrived (oh my, they have no idea how much they will need it!)

My own husband didn’t realize how much we needed our own washer & dryer until he helped me load up our clothes to take to the laundromat until the new set arrived,  “We went through ALL THESE CLOTHES in 1 week!?”

(and to think I was being conservative in what we wore!)

The benefit of going to the laundromat?




Thanks to the fact that chefs have all sorts of connections – we got hooked up with the Most Beautiful washer and dryer E.V.E.R.

Which sat in the living room

So Ren could play “drums,” again.

On Ren:

Shirt:  Mini Rotation via The Mini Social

Pants:  Gap

Shoes:  New Balance via Zappos

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