Learning to cook … one kid at a time

Halloween November 2, 2011

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Don’t they look happy?

Halloween was a blast this year!  Ren just couldn’t believe that people were just handing him candy and all he had to say was “Trick or Treat!”

Unfortunately, he is also too smart for his own good and realized about 30 minutes into walking around the neighborhood that there was a giant bowl of candy at home and “why the heck would he walk to a stranger’s home for stupid pretzels when he had all the Reese’s cups he could ever want at home?”


Carving “Nani & Zeus'” pumpkin

It came from their house so when asked if it was his pumpkin Ren would reply,

“No, it’s Nani & Zeus’ pumpkin”


And the attempt to get a half-way decent picture of two kids:


As good as it’s gonna get


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