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small style: the slinky August 25, 2011

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We rolled back into Philadelphia around 2am yesterday

and jumped right back into urban living today

No tractors here … the kids were strapped into a stroller

No country lane run … I watched MSNBC while on the elliptical at the gym

No gathering of eggs, cucumbers & tomatoes … we stopped by Whole Foods for some staples

No beach after naptime … we stuck our feet in the “hippo” fountain after an afternoon Starbucks/saying hi to the firetrucks outing

All that said, it is kinda nice to be home, with too many toys shoved on every available surface, piles of laundry & the restless energy spurred by only 1100 square feet of living space that forces us up and out the door to explore what our “12 acres” has to offer

Not to mention the greatest part of being home:


What is even more amazing is how much Fiona has changed since we left

The girl is doing some serious cobra while on the floor

and then promptly smushes her face into the floor while trying to get up on her knees

(won’t be long)

She laughs, smiles, recognizes people and most exciting:

She plays with toys!

Gone are the days of staring into space and the flailing of arms

Hand the girl a crinkly animal and she’s happy


or a slinky:


On Fiona:

Mysterio T-shirt:  gifted from Uncommon Goods

Pants:  Sckoon Organics via Zulily

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2 Responses to “small style: the slinky”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Oh goodness! I love her name, too!


  2. Mallory Says:

    I love those wide curious eyes. So cute!

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