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small style: pattern blocking August 18, 2011

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One thing I love about cottages are the outfits that end up in pictures

You know what I’m talking about:

Aunts making breakfast in nightgowns with sandals and sweatshirts thrown on

Sitting around the campfire in a swimsuit with sweatpants and flip-flops

(or are those just my memories?)

Being “out there” and “alone” while on vacation can lead to some pretty interesting clothing combinations and, although this is now my parents home, running from the house to the barn to the pond to the beach to the fire to the blueberry patch leads to multiple changes of t-shirts, shoes (Ren’s been running around in bright pink crocs left by his cousin most of the month!), swimsuits, and shorts!

I mentioned to my fashionista sister that I needed to figure out something for today’s Small Style on Mama Loves Papa and was enlisting her help because, since 100% of Fiona’s clothes have been gifted, 95% of her clothes are Carters and I was having a pretty impossible time coming up with cute combinations when, well, everything at Carters already comes in “combos”

After rummaging around in Fiona’s drawer she called out, “can I do pattern blocking?” and I thought, “Voila!” 

Not only does it fit in perfectly with our cottage mentality this month, it was exactly the inspiration I needed to make her wardrobe even better for the next few months!

On Fiona:

Carters, both pieces


Going … Going …. Going … Gone

Oh, and while eating ice cream, I noticed that Fi wasn’t the only one “pattern-blocking”:

On Ren:

Shirt:  Children’s Place

Shorts:  Jumping Beans (a hand-me-down from his buddy, T)

Shoes:  Keens

Lovin’ the lazy, hazy days of summer at my parents

One more week until we head back to the city!

Thanks Tia Tricia!!!


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2 Responses to “small style: pattern blocking”

  1. ingrid Says:

    Awwww, I love their cottage style. It is perfect for long lazy summer days.

  2. Aunt Janny Says:

    Those 3 would look great no matter WHAT they were wearing! XXXOOO

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