Learning to cook … one kid at a time

Being Married to a Chef … June 27, 2011

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all at the same time

I haven’t been posting, or cooking


since #2 came along

Mama has a bad case of the baby blues


until these “happy herbs” start working on my brain

we are just surviving

A very big “gracias!” to my wonderful,

overworked, overstressed

“Dada” of 2


on top of working 80 hours a week

has  been prepping omega-3 & iron rich dinners for his family

You know when being married to a chef doesn’t suck?

When you are eating nicoise salad & salmon sliders for dinner during the week

And he folds laundry


3 Responses to “Being Married to a Chef …”

  1. I hope you are feeling better! I’m missing your recipes! 🙂

  2. Jana Says:

    love the poetry, especially the part about the laundry. been a long time since jason folded laundry. also a long time since i asked him. so sorry to hear you have the “baby blues.” i hope you’re getting out in the sun as much as possible, it also seems to help. miss you, friend!

  3. Alina Alfonso Says:

    I’m glad he’s helping, but you deserve it – you have given him two beautiful children! So, accept it all gladly, because that is what marriage is… a sharing of “good times and bad times”… but also, let him know that you appreciate him and love him. I love you both! Alina

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