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Happy Mother’s Day May 10, 2011

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There was something about having a little girl

Something about the female, this future mother, lying in my arms

that made me feel like a part of something bigger,

way bigger

than myself

Bigger then me and her

I saw myself and my daughter,

connected to my mom,

my beautiful Nana,

Nana Helen,

Grandma Farrell,

Grandma Corey,

and on …

and on …

and on…

I looked down at my little girl and this idea struck me

Her daughter was already there,

inside of her

Maybe it’s that we, as women, are born with our future children

Children that are a piece of every woman who came before us

Men, they produce (and expel) children over and over again

But us?  Women?

We are born already cradling our future generations inside of us

How freaking awesome is that!?

I had said, many times,

That I would be happy with all boys

But now, with my little girl,

I know that our circle,

my mom’s circle,

my Nana’s circle,

continues on

Inside my daughter,

My Fiona

Happy Mother’s Day

To my mom,

Why has made me the woman, and the mother

That I am today

I love you


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