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Edible Playdough April 8, 2011

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One kid still recovering from the flu with a nasty cold


One 37-weeks pregnant Mama who seems to have caught that same cold


78˚ and sunny quickly turning to 50˚, rainy and windy


What the heck do we do all day!?


A walk is out due to the rain

Playing in the puddles is out due to our colds

And, I’m not the Mama who is going to take my sick kid to the children’s museum and spread germs


So after puzzles, books, cars, the train set, books, bowling, swinging (thank goodness for a living room playground!),  more books, nap, ball, more puzzles … it was still only 2:00!!!

Ok, so let’s bake something

But, we were out of butter – no cookies

Pretzels?  ooops, out of yeast

… so Reny/Dada called and saved the day by suggesting playdough


I have been wanting to make edible playdough for a while, but due to a lack of powdered milk, we hadn’t made any yet.  However, today I was determined to find a recipe that I had the ingredients for and found this following combination:





1 cup peanut butter

2 cups powdered sugar

1/2 cup honey

(tip:  spray measuring cup with cooking spray to easily measure and pour honey)










** Can store in the fridge, in an air-tight container, for up to 2 weeks


One Response to “Edible Playdough”

  1. Alina Alfonso Says:

    This looks like soooo much fun – I’d love to do this with him when we are there!
    Lots of love – y muchos besos.

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