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3rd Trimester Survival Kit March 25, 2011

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#2 is due one month from today!


We are so excited to meet this baby,

Ren laughs every day as his brother/sister fights for space while nursing

(sibling rivalry?)

Neutral clothes are out and ready to be washed, folded and put away

The box of small baby diapers are pulled out, ready to be washed and stacked

Our new double jogger is here, just waiting to be unloaded from its box

We are at that “it’s almost here but not close enough to set up completely” stage


I am at that, I am NOT ready to have this baby yet stage

(because this time around I KNOW it is easier to take care of this baby while he/she is INSIDE!)

but I am almost ready to have this baby stage

basically, because

My back aches

my feet are swollen and

my energy level is, well, what energy??

This last hump of pregnancy, as my own “hump” grows and grows and grows, can be one of the toughest points and there are certain things that can make life more pleasant, or at least tolerable!



Sneakers and Flip-flops

Basically the only shoes that will fit my feet at this point


Earth Mama Angel Baby Heartburn Tea & Tums

I can’t really complain about frequent heartburn but it does come and go in spurts and

this tea is amazing!  I don’t know how they do it but nothing works better on pregnancy-induced heartburn!

And Tums, it doesn’t work “great” but is better then nothing when we are out!



Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil

Soothes my stretched out tummy

(can also use for perineal stretching during the last 4-6 weeks of pregnancy)


Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Balm

I alternate using the stretch oil and this thicker balm to help soothe my belly!


Greenbrier Herbalist Varicose Ease

Varicose Veins rank right up there with stretch marks as one of the worst “marks” of pregnancy.

At least, however, they (usually) go away!

This salve is a great alternative to the heavy, hot compression tights usually recommended – it immediately soothes my sore, achy legs.

Love, love, love it  (even if I hate, hate, hate the painful veins!)


Blossoming Bellies Organic Pregnancy Blend Tea

Drinking red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy helps to strengthen and tone the uterine wall, relax smooth muscles, and make labor and delivery easier and speedier by helping the uterus contract more efficiently.

There are many sources out there for “Pregnancy Tea” but I love this blend from our doula, Brittany, which includes red raspberry leaf, nettles (for iron), oatstraw, alfalfa, spearmint and rosehips

I start drinking raspberry leaf tea by the start of my 2nd trimester but definitely up my intake during these last crucial weeks!


Big Leg Emma DVD

any concert DVD

For when I   Can’t.  Do.  Any.  More…

… Entertains Ren for a bit 🙂



Birthing Ball

I use a Pilates ball because

a.  it forces correct posture and doesn’t hurt my back as much as sitting on the couch


b.  by rocking back and forth and in circular motions this ball helps open your pelvis and tone your hips and butt, all beneficial to helping in labor!

We will use this ball both at home and in the hospital during labor as a comfortable way to squat and to help position the baby correctly


Here’s to surviving the next few weeks!


3 Responses to “3rd Trimester Survival Kit”

  1. Alina Alfonso Says:

    You’ll survive, and soon you will have a beautiful baby in your arms that will make it ALL worth it! Lots of love. Abuela

  2. Jana Says:

    I didn’t know you had a blog, and I didn’t know you are due in ONE MONTH. Double eeeeeek! And I want to hear how the double nursing goes. I’ve never actually known anyone to make it that far, and I’m curious.

    You look terrific, by the way. Loving the short hair! I can’t wait to see him/her! And I am so so so so happy you’re having a surprise. I have to have at least one more so I can have one more SURPRISE BABY. My favorite. Mwah!

    • gastromami Says:

      Double Eeek is right!
      It’s mostly about food/recipes but, since my cooking isn’t too adventurous these days, its becoming mostly about how I’m going to handle 2! Can’t believe how big Carson (and the girls!) are getting!

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