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Got leche? March 23, 2011

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I clearly remember saying,

“As soon as he can ask for it, I’m done”



But let me tell you,

the first time your child signs for “milk”

(or to nurse if you can’t figure that out)

your heart just melts

(and really, babies sign at just months old – not giving up nursing then, right?)



And honestly,

within moments after being born

your baby naturally nuzzles your chest

and isn’t that,

“asking for it?”



So, Ren isn’t really ready to stop nursing

And I’m not really ready to stop nursing

if my son isn’t



Ok, tangent.

If one. more. person. says,

“well it’s really also for you isn’t it?”

I.  Will.  Scream.


you try having a 25 lb. kid attempt to do acrobatics while attached to your nipple

and then come tell me that it’s

“all for mommy.”




But, to be honest

I have been pretty nervous about him sharing “leche”

once #2 arrives



So, we talk about all the things he is going to teach the baby:

caws (cars)


avi’s (planes)



ooo-ahhs (monkeys)

bubbles (in the midst of swim class can you tell?)


and leche


But I didn’t really know if he got it


And then we had a friend over the other day

and she nursed her new baby

and he said,

“baby, leche”

and then pointed to my belly,

and my “leche”

and said,

“baby, leche”


and I smiled.



And then tonight …

I told Ren to get “monks” and “blankie” for bed

and I went to the bathroom.

When I came back:




I think we’ll be ok 🙂




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