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Chicken Stock January 18, 2011

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Here’s a question for ya:


After you roast a chicken,

what do you do with this?








By cooking the heck out of those leftover bones for a chicken stock you extract the gelatin which is a great source of protein, calcium, amino acids and minerals.  A stock made with chicken bones strengthens the immune system and gastrointestinal tract.  Beyond the incredible health benefits, this type of stock elevates your basic dish to a whole new level.

And, making it is as simple as 1, 2, 3!


After dinner (or after bath/bed/dishes in my case) throw those leftover bones into a crockpot



Add 3-4 carrots and 4-5 celery stalks

(or whatever you want)



Throw in 1 large, or 2-3 small onions

(leaving the peels on gives the stock a nice color)

3 cloves garlic

and some thyme



Fill the crockpot with water

Cover and cook on low overnight



In the morning, after you enjoy the aroma of a rich stock roasting away in the kitchen, strain the liquid

You can toss the vegetables at this point, all of their goodness has been cooked out and is in your stock!



Divide the stock into containers, let cool

Cover and freeze for your next recipe!



6 Responses to “Chicken Stock”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I am roasting a chicken (which I bought BOGO at Giant Eagle this week!) tomorrow, and I will try this, even though I’ve never done it before. Your blog is challenging me to be healthier and more thrifty!

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