Learning to cook … one kid at a time

It was freezing … December 15, 2010

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… but we went to the park anyway

No one was there but us

‘Cause, like I said, it was freezing.

20˚ – brrrr!

But we needed to play, outside.

So we did.



As we were walking home, the wind blowing our faces numb, my mind traveled to the warm world of hot cocoa.

My plan for the afternoon, however, was to decorate cookies, and I just couldn’t bring myself to give my 18-month old a cup full o’ chocolate just a few hours before he inevitably eats cookies and frosting.

So my mind continued traveling, right into the world of baked apples.





Growing up in Erie, we had bushels of apples hanging around throughout the fall.

My mom would core out the center, fill with cinnamon and sugar and bake while we were eating dinner – topped with some vanilla ice cream it was, and still is, one of my all time favorite desserts!

The main reason I don’t make baked apples often?

They take about an hour and I don’t usually plan my desserts that well.








But, the 5 block walk home was begging for some sweet, cinnamony, warm apples so we:

Diced 2 apples

Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar


and tossed in the microwave for 4 minutes, stirring halfway

…. mmmmmmm …


I have a feeling that this simple snack will become a winter staple!


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