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Hotel Food, Part 1 December 2, 2010

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Today we moved out of the hotel!


Well, the hotel was twice the size of our new apartment and was ‘free,’ but the beige walls, beige carpet and bad prints on the walls were really starting to affect my psyche.  The worst thing about the hotel?  3 pans: 1 saute, 2 saucepans, no baking sheet, no prep bowls, 1 metal spoon, 1 metal spatula and the world’s worst knives (hence my new finger scars.)  Ugh.  I honestly thought that Ren and I would be eating most of our meals on the go, but my pregnant body was repelling that idea after a month of having to eat out and I just couldn’t feed Ren one more Jimmy Johns sub.  So, I compromised.  I hit up the Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods (both within walking distance – yay!) and entered those aisles I never venture down – the prepared and frozen food sections.  It is amazing how quickly one can whip up dinner once you utilize work that someone else has already done!  Since I had basically no tools for prep and we wanted to spend as much time as possible exploring the city, under 30-minute meals were the way to go!


While I will admit that the cost of these dinner is greater than I would normally spend, the time (and stress) eliminated was worth it for the immediate future.  I think that down the road I will venture down those aisles more often!

Salmon Cake, Whole Foods seafood counter ($2.99/each)

Steamed asparagus

“Fresh” gnocchi with pesto, Whole Foods

Caprese salad, Wegmans Mediterranean Bar


For Dessert?

An apple, while reading a takeout menu (we didn’t cook every night!), and insisting that he WAS sitting down!






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