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Mexican “Peanut Butter” September 29, 2010

Filed under: "Fast Food" — gastromami @ 12:53 pm

Reny laughs every time I say Mexican Peanut Butter, but really, you can put this “dip” on anything:  toast, chips, quesadillas, bagels, etc., so it really is like peanut butter!  So easy to whip up, this was a staple snack during high school and college.

I remember the first time I had this dip, we had headed down to Texas to spend some time at my uncle’s ranch – ride the horses, sleep in the barn, feel like we were “roughing it” in the country, and my vegetarian aunt made this for a snack.  I was probably 10 and hooked.

1 can (15.25 oz)  fat-free, vegetarian refried beans

1 box (8 oz)  1/3 less fat cream cheese, softened

1 can (5 oz) chopped green chilis

1/2-1 cup medium salsa (to taste)

ground cumin (lots!)

garlic, onion powder and chili powder to taste

one to four jalapeno peppers (however hot you like it!)

  1. Finely dice jalapeno peppers
  2. Mix all ingredients at high speed until smooth
  3. Enjoy!

Ren approved!


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