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Peaches! September 23, 2010

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I think this might have been one of the defining moments in Ren’s life.

What is this mom?  Can I have it?

I could just see his little mind working as he took that first, marvelous bite of his peach (way under-ripened by the way!  Peaches ripen off the tree and well, we were picking them!)

Yes, I had fed Reny peaches before.  In fact, it was the one food he refused to eat as an infant.

But this day, the first time he held that warm, fuzzy, fresh peach directly off the tree and took that first bite, he was smitten.

He loved them so much he had one in each hand at all times.  And kept trying to share his half-eaten, half-slobbered on peach with everyone.  Oh, what love that boy has …

Look at that pure joy!

Thank you Mama!  Can we pick peaches every day?

That day, at the peach farm on Route 20, my son became OBSESSED with peaches.  He stands at the counter grunting “dis dis dis” at the fruit bowl.  He beeeegggggs for peaches.  And once he gets one, well, pure happiness!

When we buy peaches at the farmer’s market, we must either

A.  buy them while Reny isn’t looking


B.  head immediately to one of the tables so he can devour the fresh, juicy peach

Pure. Joy.

I’m gonna miss peach season ….


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