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Memphis Music and Heritage Festival September 4, 2010

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What a wonderful day!

After hanging around, all morning, for the second time this week!, for AT&T, who didn’t show up, again! I packed up some water bottles and my son and we headed downtown to the Center for Southern Folklore‘s Music and Heritage Festival!

We first headed over to the stage at Main and Peabody to see my every Monday night pre-baby favorite band Devil Train!  Ren got right up in front of the stage and flapped his arms a lot danced danced danced!  The best part was watching him frantically sign for “more” between each song!

We walked around a bit ….

Saw some gospel music, a drumline …

… checked out the super-busy famous Peabody Duck March …

… had a massive breakdown when “DADA!” said good-bye and went back to work …

Checked out the Josh Shoe Band in the packed Center for Southern Folklore’s main store (which had my mouth watering with the smell of coffee and some soul food goodies!)

And ended out night at the fabulous and swanky Majestic Grille!

I guess if your husband works Saturday nights, this isn’t a bad “date-night” substitute, huh?

Ren devoured a grilled cheese with a heaping pile of his favorite:  green beans; while I fed my soul and growing body with a delicious flatbread topped with caramelized onions, goat cheese, craisins, mixed greens and duck confit.  I hope there weren’t any vegetarians nearby as my son “quacked” for more duck!

We came home, took a fun bubble bath and headed to bed!  The best part of the day?  Hearing Ren laugh (for real!) himself to sleep!

I’m looking forward to heading back tomorrow to check out the Cody Dickinson Project (of the famed North Mississippi Allstars) and the Last Chance Jug Band!

For a complete schedule check this out!

Hope to see you downtown tomorrow!


One Response to “Memphis Music and Heritage Festival”

  1. Nanie Says:

    Like mother like son”! He’s got the dancing feet.

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