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Fish Tacos! July 28, 2010

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It is summer and in Memphis, that means that it is too frickin’ hot to turn on the oven.  Seriously, we just got back from MIAMI and, compared to Memphis, it was Antarctica, or at least North Dakota.

However, I really don’t like grilling.  Reny sold our gas grill and I think that trying to prevent a 14-month old from rushing the fiery hot coal chimney is not my idea of a good time.  So after exhausting endless pasta salad variations, I need something new!  Memphians, if you have never gone to the Winchester Farmer’s Market, you need to go!   I usually go with Reny as there isn’t much English spoken at this Latin/Asian grocery store but Ren and I braved our Anglo-fears and headed out on our own!

Here is why I like to shop at either Viet Hoa (in Midtown) or the Winchester Farmer’s Market:

  1. You can get 10 limes for $1 instead of 2/$1 (at Kroger)
  2. At the Winchester store you can buy a whole fish!  A beautiful, any size you want, whole fish and then have them cut it any way you want!  You want to cook it whole?  You can have it whole!  You want 4 filets?  You can have 4 filets!  It’s wonderful!  And … it looks, even in the “dirty” market, waaaaay better than the fish counter at Kroger and costs about 1/10th of the price at Whole Foods!
  3. The music is muy entertaining!
  4. The abundance of produce inspires a week of dinners  (and it is cheap cheap cheap!)
  5. They have Warm! Homemade! corn tortillas!  yum yum!

So Ren and I headed to the market and I knew, as soon as I grabbed some warm tortillas out of the cooler (yes, just open up that everyday, red cooler and there they are!) and saw the fresh avocados that we were having fish tacos for dinner!  I grabbed some limes, a white onion, avocado, a bunch of cilantro, some lettuce, a tomato and headed to the fish counter.  There was some beautiful snapper so I asked for the nice man for a 3lb whole fish to be cut “#4” (fileted) – which, after being cut would be enough for tonight’s tacos and some fish to be frozen for another night!

At home, I threw half of the fish in the freezer, and, using paper towels, dried the fish (squeezing out any extra moisture).  I then coated the fish in olive oil and set aside.  To cook the fish I heated up an empty, dry saute pan over medium-high heat.  After the pan was hot, I placed the oiled fish in the pan (make sure the vent fan is on!)  Let the fish cook 4 minutes on each side, remove, and finish off with some fresh squeezed limes juice.   I then chopped up some white onion, cilantro and tomato; sliced some avocado and shredded some lettuce.  Voila!  Pair with some fresh fruit and/or rice and beans!

Ren approved!


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